ESSER Planning Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to help you get the biggest bang for your buck as you plan on how to use this funding to boost specific learning initiatives at your school. Unlock the full potential of your ESSER Funding today! 

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Improving Learning Outcomes with ESSER Funds

With nearly $2 trillion available to support schools and students, Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Funds provide a significant boost to your learning initiatives. Follett Content is here to provide guidance on using ESSER Funds effectively using our unique analytical tools that can diagnose the strength and gaps in your collection.

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ESSER Funding Extension

You can now apply for a liquidation extension for ESSER Funds! Under this liquidation extension, ESSER Funds must be obligated by September 30, 2024, and liquidated for up to 14 months. 

What are ESSER Funds?

Since March 2020, Congress has passed three stimulus packages (CARES, CRSSA, and ARP) to help school districts respond to the pandemic. Through the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund, an unprecedented amount of aid is available to support K-12 education.

How can I use ESSER Funding?

Under the American Rescue Plan Act, ESSER III, school districts are required to spend at least 20% of their allocation to “address learning loss through the implementation of evidence-based interventions...[that] respond to students’ social, emotional, and academic needs.”

How can I learn more about ESSER Funding?

Read the Department of Education’s Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Programs FAQ for more details on using ESSER Funding to help respond to the pandemic and transition back to in-person learning.

ESSER Funds help schools meet students’ needs.

Did you know your ESSER Funds can be used to support a variety of school initiatives? Our experts have decoded ESSER Funding and identified ways it can be used to help you meet your goals. Explore the myriad of resources Follett Content has available, all eligible for ESSER Funding.

Social and Emotional Learning

Support the well-being of all students by creating a welcoming and nurturing learning environment through resources that foster relationship skills, social awareness, and responsible decision-making. 
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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Provide educational equity and culturally responsive instruction through content that introduces students to the stories and voices of different cultures, abilities, and identities. 
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Print Materials

Create a supportive learning environment that provides valuable resources to enhance student learning with print materials for all learners. 
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Digital Resources

Promote learning equity by providing access to meaningful content from anywhere and any time, allowing students to learn wherever learning takes place. 
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Makerspace and Hands-On Learning

Inspire creativity and innovation with materials that provide opportunities for student collaboration and classroom community-building. 
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Summer Reading

Address the impact of academic learning loss over the summer months by effectively supporting students in reading at home, building reading and literacy comprehension all year long. 
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Professional Learning Books

Help educators meet the variety of needs of all students and enhance the school community with professional development resources for teaching and learning. Learn more. >

Grab & Go Literacy Kits

Accelerate learning through family engagement by offering books and interactive student journals for independent reading at home. 
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Library Genrefication

Enhance accessibility and increase student engagement and literacy by providing easy access to library books organized by subject and genre. 
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Kwame Alexander Bookfest

Promote opportunities for students to interact with each other by offering an engaging literacy experience that enhances their reading skills through a unique book club experience. 
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Classroom Libraries

Motivate students by providing greater access to books and resources of interest that also improve literacy skills and academic success. 
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