Prebound and FollettBound Books

Extend the life of your library and classroom books with our book binding services. We have several types of book bindings designed to extend the lifespan of your books for years, all while freeing up valuable budget dollars.

FollettBound Covers

Thanks to our lifetime bookbinding guarantee, you won’t have to worry about our FollettBound® books. FollettBound book binding is held to rigorous standards and inspection, ensuring you’ll receive a quality binding every time.

FollettBound books are available in both glued and sewn formats. Glued books include durable, double fan binding to enhance strength and durability. Sewn books are created with a high-strength polyester thread, which improves durability and leaves the book easy to open.

We provide a lifetime guarantee for all of our FollettBound books – if the binding fails, we’ll replace the book.

Laminated Covers

Laminated book covers extend the life of your paperback books by covering them with a tough, clear material that protects against marks, spills, and everyday wear and tear. Our laminated bindings are pre-applied, so your books arrive ready to distribute to your students.

Laminated covers are permanent, tough, flexible, and tear resistant. The crystal-clear laminate, made from the highest-quality polyester and acid free adhesive, will not yellow or deteriorate, keeping the spine and color graphics fully visible.

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