Genre Solutions

Library Genre Services and Best Practices

Library genre flipping is an increasingly popular way to support literacy efforts and engage school library readers. Follett Content now supports library genrefication. 

If you're looking to handle this process yourself, we've compiled a number of tips, tricks, guides, and best practices. If you're in need of additional support, we also offer Genre Consulting Services to ensure your genre flip happens quickly and effectively. 

Genrefication Best Practices and More

Are you ready to bring genres to your library? If you're taking the leap, or even just considering it, Follett Content is here to offer our help and support. Explore these tips, suggestions, best practices, and other opportunities to make your transition to genre as smooth as possible.

Genre Consulting Services

Don’t have time to flip your library, or need some hands-on guidance? We provide services to assist in planning, coordinating, and delivering the work of genrefying a library collection.

These services can include:

  • Project management of the service delivery.
  • Pre-project planning and assistance with genre mapping.
  • Staffing, resources, and materials needed to perform the work.

These services are customized to meet the unique needs of each library. See how Follett Content helped one school library successfully flip to genre.