Library Services

Librarians trust Follett Content to build and maintain their collections.

From a wide selection of materials found on Titlewave® to specialized services, Follett Content can help make your library a center for learning and discovery.

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New School and Library Services

Build your new school or library with our dedicated resources and services. We have helped hundreds of new schools get up and running, so we have the expertise you need. Whether you’re starting to lay the groundwork or about to cut the ribbon, we offer a wide variety of new school and library services you won’t find anywhere.

Opening Day Collections

Each year, Follett Content helps new schools open their doors with a fully stocked library ready for students. We’ll help you organize your new collection in True Dewey order or genrefied to your specifications. We’ll also help put your books on the shelf and clean up your MARC records.

Librarian for a Day

Need a little extra support? Follett Content will send in a certified librarian to work with you, answering your questions and providing guidance on library organization.

Free Curated Book Lists

Our team members have backgrounds as librarians and teachers. We’ll build your collection book by book based on your budget, curriculum, or other request. Ask us to help create a collection inclusive of culture, format, genre, and more. Our expert team of catalogers provides enhanced MARC records sent directly through your Titlewave® account, so you have immediate access to your records when your order is shipped.

TitleWise Collection Analysis

We can help you assess and update your library with a full range of services, from collection analysis to planning and even physically weeding within the library while purging weeded materials with TitleWise®. Save time, get an accurate assessment of your collection, and have a starting point to update your collection to meet curriculum, learning, or reading interest needs.

Library Curation Team

Need help finding relevant, quality resources for your collection? The Follett Content Library Curation Team is made up of licensed educators and certified librarians who can align materials to standards, build resource lists, and offer book and resource suggestions based on your topic or fit your curriculum initiatives.

Consolidation and Redistribution

Follett Content has the experts to analyze thousands of records, consolidate them, and redistribute your collection based on your needs. Our teams will perform the consolidation or redistribution analysis remotely, then come on-site to physically pack the books and reshelve your collection at the new site in the most efficient ways possible.

Update and Replace Spine Label

Has your library implemented a spine label system that is no longer preferred? Follett Content can update and replace old spine labels to ensure your collection reflects the appropriate call number.


Follett Content will assess and plan your library with collection analysis, physically weed your library, and update your collection to meet curriculum, learning, or reading interest needs.


Whether you are thinking about making the switch to a genrefied collection or you’ve recently flipped, we can help. Our team of genre experts can provide a consultation to determine the best approach for your library. We can even come to your school to support your staff while you genrefy. On Titlewave®, you can order books and have them shipped in genrefied order. Plus, with our genre labels, posters, and shelf signs, students will be able to find what they need more easily.

Cataloging and Processing

Follett Content can not only barcode your library books, but also catalog them so you receive your order ready for the shelf. Your order will be shipped to you barcoded and in True Dewey sequence or organized according to your genrefied library layout. This gives you the ability to check books in and out knowing that circulation will be accurately tracked.

Order Typing Services

Our Order Typing Service saves you hours of preparing title lists, checking for duplicates, reviewing prices, and adding columns of figures.