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How Follett Content Supports Librarians

Follett Content is proud to advocate for librarians as leaders, ensuring the library is an integral part of a future-ready world. Connecting students with the perfect resources, and partnering with teachers, administrators, and families, we help place the library at the center of learning.

We offer content that’s unrivaled in quality and quantity, plus related technology and services. We make school libraries more efficient and effective, support active student learning, and create a more engaging and collaborative learning environment. From new collections to filling the gaps, librarians trust Follett Content to fill their shelves with possibility.

School Library Books & Materials

Buy school library books through Titlewave® our premier platform for school library catalogs, allowing you to stock your library comprehensively and easily with our 24/7-access collection development and analysis tools. Whether you’re looking for hardbound, prebound, eBook, paperback, audiovisual, or countless other formats, we've got you covered.

Digital Content

Follett is at the forefront in developing and providing exciting digital content to schools, districts, classrooms, and libraries. Our digital educational products include the latest eBooks, engaging interactive titles, and much more.


Follett Content offers Makerspace bundles, project kits, and select 3-D printers for PreK-12 school libraries and classrooms.

Educational Databases

Our educational databases align with school curriculum requirements and provide a dynamic, multimedia learning experience – supporting varied learning styles across multiple topics and issues.

Follett Tags

Follett Tags help you quickly find only the best, educationally relevant materials. Our team of experts applies real-life experience with students – as teachers, librarians, and administrators – to connect you with exemplary content, technology, and support. Easily find quality titles by exploring a variety of genres, subjects, and themes — or dig deeper and discover materials to support teaching key skills, text structure, and writing styles. Click the Tag Explorer from any search, topic, or saved list.

Prebound and FollettBound® Books

Extend the life of your library and classroom books with our book binding services. We have several types of book bindings designed to extend the life span of your books for years, all while freeing up valuable budget dollars.

Follett Genre Solutions

Whether you are thinking about making the switch to a genrefied collection or you’ve recently flipped, we can help. Our team of genre experts can provide a consultation to determine the best approach for your library. We can even come to your school to support your staff while you genrefy.

Publisher Spotlight

Explore popular content, resources, and promotions from some of the top publishers in the industry. From best-selling fiction to niche subjects, our diverse array of publishers offers something for everyone. Get to know these publishing partners and learn why we love them.

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