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Every student deserves the opportunity to succeed, regardless of their level, ability, or access. And nothing drives better student outcomes than a devoted educator and an engaged student.  

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It is our goal to help you reach every student, support learning wherever and whenever it takes place, and inspire those who will lead us forward. It starts with you. It starts here.

We’re always out and about in the world of education: come see us at a conference, or enrich your career with training, workshops, and webinars.

As an industry leader, we constantly strive to make updates and improve our educational materials and product offerings. See how we’ve been making headlines by viewing Follett news articles and press releases.

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Our industry-leading turnaround times, best-in-class collection development and self-service tools, and personalized customer experience give us a competitive advantage.

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The world's largest education solutions provider gives back to students.


As the leader in the education industry, Follett has supported the effort to prepare educators for the future.

About Follett Content

For years, educators have trusted Follett Content as a partner in the mission to build confident, independent, and well-rounded students. Our innovation and commitment to excellence set the industry standard. 

For librarians, Follett Content can help build a diverse collection of print and digital resources that support every student. For teachers, our universe of materials includes curated, standards-aligned, and customizable tools – plus an extensive selection of the books kids want to read.

Follett Content helps educators unlock potential in more than 45 million students worldwide. Learn more about how we support librarians, teachers, curriculum leaders, superintendents, principals, and heads of school.