Order Typing

Save time and money with our order typing service.

Our Order Typing Service is a benefit we provide, without cost, to our Follett Content customers. Plus, now you can have your Order Typing Service lists posted to your Titlewave® account. Simply take all your handwritten notes, copies of reviews, pages from our catalog, or lists from any other title source; complete our Order Typing Service Form and provide any special instructions; and send the form and other information to us. We’ll send you a detailed listing of all available titles. Indicate a Do Not Exceed dollar amount on your purchase order.

  • Gather your information. 
    You may send us handwritten notes, copies of reviews, pages from our catalog, or lists from any other title source. Circle or highlight the titles you are considering. Include the author, publisher/producer, and, when possible, the FLR#.
  • Complete our order typing service form. 
    Fill in the appropriate portions of our Order Typing Service form. If you are working within a budget, simply over request by 10% and indicate the expected Do Not Exceed amount. Send the completed form along with the rest of your materials to Follett. If you would like your list posted to your Titlewave account, check the "Please post to my Titlewave account; username is (your username)" checkbox on the request form.
  • Relax and let Follett Content do the work, 
    A detailed listing of your titles will be posted to your Titlewave account or sent to you via email, fax, or mail. The prices are guaranteed for 60 days. When you are ready, attach the listing to your purchase order and mail it to Follett as an order, or order online if the list is on your Titlewave account.
  • Printout formats available for services. 
    Two printout formats are available – Requisition and Standard. Both are printed on standard, letter-size paper. The Requisition Format is a one-line abbreviated format that includes FLR#, binding type and/or special designations, quantity, author/performer, title, publisher, unit price, and extended price. Standard Format consists of FLR#, title, author, review source(s) (if applicable), interest level, Dewey classification, publisher, publication date, reading level (if applicable), page count, binding type and/or special designations, unit price, quantity, and extended price.
  • For a faster turnaround send an electronic list.
    We offer you the option of receiving your completed Order Typing Service list via your Titlewave® account, fax, or email. If you choose any of these options, we will also mail your original information and your final list back to you.


Do Not Exceed
Follett Content’ Do Not Exceed Service helps you make the most of your library’s funding. With our Do Not Exceed Service, you:

  • Receive more of the titles you want on every order
  • Control how your order is filled by prioritizing titles
  • Reduce the risk of losing valuable funds by missing budget deadlines

Because publishers frequently change the availability of titles, we may not be able to ship 100% of your list. That’s why we encourage you to use our Do Not Exceed Service. It’s simple to use. Just follow these three easy steps.

  • Indicate a Do Not Exceed dollar amount on your purchase order.
  • Over order by listing additional titles.
  • Indicate your "first choice" titles.

We recommend over ordering by 10% when you create your lists online using Titlewave®. Please make sure you provide a Do Not Exceed (DNE) dollar amount. If your budget’s DNE amount is $10,000, including processing, the dollar amount of the order (titles and processing) you submit to Follett should be $11,000 if you create your lists on Titlewave.

Over ordering will ensure a higher order fill rate by allowing us to make acceptable substitutions from the list you supply for titles that are publisher out of stock, out of stock indefinitely, or out of print. We will respect your DNE amount. When utilizing a DNE amount, we encourage you to prioritize your title selections and indicate your first, second, and third choices.