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Discover the perfect classroom library solution with Follett. With the help of our team of licensed teachers and librarians, we offer truly customizable curation that supports diverse student communities and your school’s unique initiatives, while accommodating any budget. From shelf-ready books to barcoding, labels, and kitting services, we provide comprehensive solutions to help you create classroom libraries that foster a love of reading and learning.

Free Curation and Support

We will help you create fully customized classroom libraries, designed to meet the unique needs of your classrooms. 

Follett was a great partner in finding titles that met our needs in terms of content and readability. Additionally, they helped us find appropriate titles within the budget we had for the project. Whenever we had a concern about a title – whether it be content, readability, or cost – our sales representative quickly contacted the Classroom Curation Team to find us an immediate, suitable solution.

– Cory L. Nilsen, Dean of the Grades K-12 Social Science Curriculum Department, Rockford Public Schools

Customized Curation

Our skilled team of teachers and librarians will help you select the best titles for your collection based on your unique criteria. 

Labels and Barcoding

Stay organized and compliant with tracking requirements by using our labeling and barcoding services, which will enable you to streamline your inventory management process with ease.

Distribution Service

Our customizable packing, sorting, and delivery services can help simplify your process, ensuring that every title lands right where it belongs. 

Storage Solutions

We offer storage bins and carts that allow easy transport and organization of your classroom library.


Elevate the home/school connection with our kitting services, which bundle together books for students to take to and from school.

Shelf-Ready Books

Books arrive to your school truly ready for the shelves, configured to your exact specifications. 

Track Funding with Ease

MARC records, traditionally known in the library, are valuable in reporting funding sources. We can provide information to help address any future audits.

Follett Classroom Libraries were delivered to our distribution center before being delivered to the classroom. The texts were organized by classroom, and labels were provided for the texts.

– Mellissa Douglas, NBCT Dean Curriculum Elementary Literacy, Rockford Public Schools

Let us help you maximize your classroom library’s potential!

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Curation Support

Our team of teachers and librarians are dedicated to helping make classroom libraries the best they can be.

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